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Featuring the whos who of 90s music icons such as MC Hammer, Sir Mix-A-Lot, REM... Director:
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Singstar 90s PS2

Featuring the whos who of 90s music icons such as MC Hammer, Sir Mix-A-Lot, REM and the Spice Girls, SingStar 90s will have you and your mates longing to wear Bum Bags all over again.

Nothing screams 90s quite like The Cranberries, Zombie and Billy Ray Cyrus Achey Breaky Heart and nothing will get you as pumped as everybodys party favourite Love Shack from the B-52s.

Complete with original videos, the line up captures the true essence of what it was like to live in the 90s, with 30 legendary tracks from an array of genres including classic indie rock, pop and rap.

Maybe you like to sing solo or maybe you like to battle it out with a group of friends, either way SingStar 90s has something to offer the most discerning singer. Its all about releasing your inner SingStar, so grab yourself a microphone and start singing.

With technology that recognises your pitch, tone and rhythm, SingStar scores you depending on how well you perform. The better you sing, the more points youll be awarded.

So, whether youre an Entertainer, the Comedian, a total Diva, the Shy performer or a lovesick Crooner, SingStar 90s has something to offer everyone after all, inside everyone theres a SingStar.
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Platform : PS2
langages : English
Genres : Simulation
Size :
Release year : 04-08-2007
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format : ISO
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